"Vibrant Elixir of Life soaring on Eagles' Wings ..."

A report by Prof. Fred Soal-de-Sant M.D. + Ph.D.

"Vital elixir of life soaring on eagles' wings" is what the Ojibwa and Cree Indians call original INDIAN*ESSENCE, their "sacred drink" composed of nine remedial herbs, which cleanses the body on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual and restores harmony with the "Great Spirit".

This union of nine ingredients is essential, since it is precisely the synergy of this combination that constitutes the powerful vibration of this remarkable, traditional and natural medicine. The number 9 is considered a magical number by North Americas Native Peoples and is reflected in their sacred medicine wheel.

This Essence, composed of herbs, roots and bark is no ordinary herb tea. It cleanses the body, promotes a healthy intestinal flora, purifies the blood and strengthens the immune system. According to practitioners of traditional Indian medicine the detoxification of the body is the first step toward recovery. original INDIAN*ESSENCE can also be taken preventively to maintain health or to detoxify the organism in general.

Many newspapers and magazines in Europe have already reported astonishing results with original INDIAN*ESSENCE. Noted clinics, M.D.s naturopaths, medicine men and health practitioners have thoroughly tested this product and confirm its effectiveness.

Although no relevant results are available regarding this drink as a weight-reducing remedy, doctors and patients have confirmed that regular consumption of this remedy can exert a regulating influence on obesity in a natural way - and without damaging side effects.

How did the Indian Shamans find out about natural healing?

When North America was discovered, ships of the white conquerors from Europe brought rats and vermin to the new continent. Contagious diseases like measles, scarlet fever, cholera, tuberculosis and smallpox spread like wildfire and brought death to thousands of Native American Indians. Although the Indians at that time still had no names for these diseases, the shamans developed natural remedies against these deadly scourges.

For thousands of years the Indians had been using wild plants in their 9 -herb mixture "Utinam" (Manitu = the Creator, read backwards), which were initially called "weeds" by the European immigrants. Europeans only began documenting these Indian remedial plants, roots and bark in 1789. However, the precise formula for their miraculous tea essence mix remained the Indians' secret until 1994!

An Indian Chief recently proclaimed: "The time has now come for reconciliation with the whites, redemption of Mother Earth as well as the renewal of the Universe. It is time therefore to share these secrets of healing with the world. The original formula, consisting of nine ingredients was entrusted exclusively to the INDIAN WISDOM FOUNDATION - IWF - by the Elders, the Shamans and the "inner circle of the Mides", the Association of the Natural and Spiritual healers of the Ojibwa and Cree Indians.